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  • 5 Rainy Day Duck Tape® Crafts for KidsView Now

    These rainy day ideas for kids will flex their creativity! We show you five ways to unplug and get creative with Duck Tape® crafts.

  • Duct Tape CraftsView Now

    Sometimes, your average tape just won’t do. Sometimes you need a tape with attitude. Maybe you have a craft that needs to be more colorful, or you want to add a little bit of a pattern to that DIY project. And yes, sometimes you just want a tape that’s more, well, bacon-y. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got a tape to match. Our new Duck Tape prints come in a wide variety of fun colors and styles, perfect for any creative project or home repair.

  • Ducktape MakersView Now

    Welcome to your source for everyday inspiration, imagination and creativity with Duck Brand products. So go ahead, put your mind to work.

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    CreatorsView Now

    We swim against the tide. We don’t follow trends; we set them. We’re the Creators. What do we create? You name it. And we always know the perfect place to add just the right touch of flair.

  • TinkerersView Now

    Tinkerers are about exploring. We push the boundaries of science and imagination. And we use versatile low-tech tools as fuel, to help brilliant minds of all ages burn brighter.

  • Educators and ParentsView Now

    We’re educators and parents. But we make more than classroom projects and rainy-day activities; we help make young minds. We’re the leaders of future leaders. We inspire budding architects. We inspire ideas, and encourage self discovery and exploration.

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  • Video How-To: Duck Tape® Tips & TechniquesView Now

    Learn how to get the most out of your Duck Tape® projects with these simple crafting tips. This tutorial requires Duck Tape®, Duck Tape® Sheets, scissors, and a crafting board.

  • Move & ShipView Now

    We care about making your move easier. Find out how we can help you.

  • Packing UpView Now

    Making sure the things that matter most to you make it through your next move is what we do best. Let Duck® move the things that move you. And get them there safely.

  • Getting OrganizedView Now

    The move isn’t over when the van pulls away. Check out these tips on getting settled into your new place, keeping organized, mastering storage techniques and more.

  • ShippingView Now

    Even when you’re in a new place, you don't stop putting things you care about into boxes and sending them off. Let Duck® help you get anything you send to where it’s going … safely.

  • Plan Your MoveView Now

    Stress. Worry. And a little more stress. Moving’s hard. But with a little help from Duck®, it can be easy. Let us help you make moving to a new home the happy occasion it should be.

  • How to Load Your Packing Tape GunView Now

    Watch this instructional video on how to load your Duck® MAX brand packaging tape gun.

  • Smooth Top® EasyLiner®View Now

    Available in a variety of colors and designs, this shelf liner is designed for easy clean up and adding style and protection to your surfaces.

  • Tread TapeView Now

    Featuring an all-weather adhesive, this no-skid tape offers an easy fix for improving walking stability on interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Original Bubble Wrap® CushioningView Now

    When moving, storing or mailing your valuables, this bubble cushioning provides consistent cushioning and protection so your items don’t get damaged.

  • Color Duck Tape®View Now

    For both the DIYer and crafter, color duct tape is a simple solution for your creative and repair projects at home, office or classroom.

  • Large Bubble Wrap® CushioningView Now

    Featuring a bigger bubble for extra protection, this bubble cushioning is the perfect pick for wrapping up heavy or more fragile items.